• As I find time, I am going to start renaming all of our disambiguation pages to the following format:
    Article name (disambiguation)
    ex: change Morn to Morn (disambiguation)

    This is the Wikipedia format and I think it would help greatly in 2 areas.
    1. Users entering terms in the search box and presented with predictive text would immediately understand the purpose of the page as opposed to the other returned results.
    2. The updated name would reduce the number of times editors (such as myself) mistakenly link to a disambiguation page from another article.

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    • I updated the names for Abor, Amiss, Awl, and Azath. The updated names do not yet appear in the search box and selecting "Abor" for example brings you to a "this page has been deleted" message. I think the search feature takes some time to update to reflect the new names.

      I'll hold off on updating any others until I see the search field reflect the new names.

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    • They do now appear in mine.

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    • It took a while, but it finally updated on my side too.

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    • A FANDOM user
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