A Throne was a common physical manifestation of a certain type of power, magical in nature, in the Malazan world. When an entity 'sat' on a Throne (or otherwise successfully claimed it), they were usually able to wield the power associated with that particular Throne and/or were able to control its Realm and the inhabitants of that Realm. A particular Realm and its associated Warren or Hold had its own unique Throne - or some other manifestation of its "centre of power": e.g., its node; its locus; its heart; or its whatever.[1] An entity (or entities) who was able to control the appropriate centre of power of a Realm might subsequently become an Ascendant and/or be worshiped as a god.

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Kellanved: "You have heard...of the Throne of Night?"
Dancer: "Yes. In songs and legends."
Kellanved: "Well, exactly..."
Dancer: "Exactly what?"
Kellanved: "Well - Light and Night had thrones, yes?"
Dancer: "So they say."
Kellanved: " too must Shadow, then!"
Dancer: "I understand that's all more poetry than history."
Kellanved: "Well...yes. However, each [Realm] must possess some centre of power. Some locus. Call it what you will. Control that, and one controls the entire Realm!"
―remarks exchanged between Kellanved and Dancer in regard to the importance of "Thrones"[src]

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