Thyrss was a caravan guard and shareholder in the Trygalle Trade Guild.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Thyrss was one of about a dozen or so women and men[2] who were working as caravan guards with the mage-merchant, Karpolan Demesand's Trygalle Trade Guild caravan which had been hired to provide escort for Ganoes Paran (along with his companions, the spirit of the dead Bridgeburner Hedge, and the Jaghut sorceress, Ganath) through the ancient Jaghut underworld realm, Verdith'anath (aka the 'Bridge of Death').[3]

The Trygalle Trade Guild caravan had not gotten even halfway across the "fell" bridge when Thyrss and the other shareholders (who were stationed on the carriage roof) became suddenly very busy fighting off an attacking swarm of ochre-skinned creatures with long arms which ended in sharp talons, ape-like legs, and small heads which seemingly bristled with fangs.[4] The situation had gotten very perilous very quickly and Thyrss and her fellow guard, Stebar, became casualties before the Trygalle Guild carriage managed to pull away from the attackers. Fortunately, Ganoes Paran (who had been riding close beside the Guild carriage on his horse) had been able to fight off the creatures who had pulled Thyrss off of the Guild carriage and to rescue her - badly mauled and mutilated as she was, and to restore her to her companions on the carriage roof. After getting a safe distance from the ochre-colored creatures, some of the shareholders on the roof of the carriage talked amongst themselves about Thyrss' mutilating injuries and about Stebar's death (which had earned him the 'spike' - i.e., his family would receive double the payout for the mission than Stebar would have gotten for himself had he lived).[5]

Upon reaching the end of the bridge, they travelled through a gate into the Nascent where they found the Deragoth imprisoned in five enormous statues. Paran ordered Hedge to free the Deragoth by destroying the statues with munitions. While Hedge worked, Karpolan readied the passage to escape the Warren ahead of the angered Deragoth and barely got them all out in time.[6]

They first appeared in a Warren crawling with undead who clung onto the sides of the carriage until Ganath hastily pulled them into Omtose Phellack. The carriage crashed down an icy hill, killing two horses and three shareholders, and leaving another shareholder with a broken neck.[7][8] After some quick repairs, Karpolan returned them to Seven Cities between the new Raraku Sea and G'danisban. Paran paid the High Mage for the Guild's services and they finally returned home through the Warrens.[9]

It was unstated if Thyrss was among the survivors.


Shareholder: "[Thyrss will] make it, poor girl, [but she] ain't gonna be pretty no more."
Ephras: "Knowing her, she'd have been happier with the spike."
Yorad: "Not a chance, [Thyrss has] got no kin, Ephras. What's the point of a spike with no kin?"
Ephras: "Funny man, Yorad, and I bet you don't even know it."
Yorad: "What did I say now?"
―part of a conversation amongst the caravan guards on the Trygalle Trade Guild carriage roof[src]

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