Tiserra was the wife of Torvald Nom and a gifted potter in Darujhistan. She and Rallick Nom were briefly romantically involved during their childhood.[1]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Torvald returned to Darujhistan and began living with Tiserra once again.[2] She was revealed to have some magical talent, and helped Torvald hide his ill-acquired gold from its rightful owner, Gareb.[3][4] She became angry at Torvald for taking up a job with Scorch and Leff. It was also revealed that Tiserra was an adept at reading the Deck of Dragons.[5]

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

Tiserra's displeasure at Torvald deepened as he took an unpaid seat on the Darujhistan council. Her quick thinking decision to warn the Greyfaces not to turn on Darujhistan's gas flames before the Moranth's evening attack against the Legate likely saved the city from burning.[6] Her pots, urns, and amphorae[7] helped to prevent fires that did start from spreading during the assault.[8]


Tiserra: "Torvald Nom. You’re late."
Torvald: "Sorry, love, I got waylaid. Slavers. Ocean voyages. Toblakai, dhenrabi, torture and crucifixion, a sinking ship."
Tiserra: "I had no idea going out for a loaf of bread could be so dangerous."
―Torvald and Tiserra Nom discuss his absence of many months[src]

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