The races known as the Tiste [tīst][1] were immigrants to the world of the Malazan Empire who arrived long before the events of the series.[2] They were divided into three major groups, each with its own racial Warren, but all were born of Mother Dark. They were shown to be frequently at odds during the series.

Tiste Types and Racial WarrensEdit

Origin MythEdit

"Mother Dark begat three children,
the First, Tiste Andii, were her dearest,
dwellers of the land before Light.
Then were birthed in pain the Second, Tiste Lians,
the burning glory of Light itself,
and so the First denied their Mother,
in their fury, and so were cast out,
doomed children of Mother Dark.
She then gave rise, in her mercy, to the Third,
spawn of the war between Dark and Light,
the Tiste Edur, and there was shadow
upon their souls.
Kilmanar's Fables
Sebun Imanan[src]


For a list of known Tiste words and phrases as well as translations please visit the Tiste Language page.

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Before the Tiste Andii, Tiste Liosan, and Tiste Edur there were only the Tiste, the pale golden- or bronze-skinned people of Kurald Galain. They tended to have fair skin and tall frames, with dark eyes possessing a mercurial ambivalence.[3] The history of all three Tiste people was the subject of the Kharkanas Trilogy.


Various references were made regarding the lifespan of the Tiste. See Talk:Tiste

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