Toben, mostly simply called Fisherman, was a mage of Malaz Island.[1] He was a grey-haired old man who lived in a hut on the beach with his wife. Agayla hinted that he was an ancient power who had reached Ascendancy through means beyond those more commonly known. Fisherman's power drew upon the magical talent of the island's population.[2] He seemed to focus his magic through song and the use of a lit brazier on his skiff.

Fisherman's skin was seamed and sun-darkened, and his eyes were a pale sky-blue.[3] He wore a tattered worn canvas jerkin and trousers, and smoked a pipe.[3]

In Night of KnivesEdit

Fisherman's strength was weakened by Surly's purge of magical practitioners from Malaz City. Undaunted, he protected Malaz Island from the magic of the Stormriders by himself for as long as he could until his skiff was smashed to pieces by an iceberg containing the frozen Rheni's Dream.[4]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Before the foundation of the Malazan Empire, Kallor travelled to Malaz Island to kill his old enemy Nightchill - at that time one of the island's guardians. As Kallor stood triumphant with Nightchill writhing on his sword, an old fisherman commanded sea-weed laden fishing netting to bind the High King tight and drag Kallor into a skiff, releasing Nightchill in the process. The fisherman then sent the skiff off with Kallor alone on board, pronouncing that Kallor would never return to Malaz Island.

Agayla, seemed to know the old man, calling him 'Fisher'. She apologised that he had been disturbed but the man dismissed her concern, commenting that the event was due to an old feud. He then tended to Nightchill, addressing her as Sister. She in turn seemed to known the man but under a different name. Fisher then picked her up with an ease which belied his appearance saying that as luck would have it, his lady was with him and would sing her whole. The two then departed.[5]

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