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Toblakai was an escaped slave and fanatically loyal warrior in the Apocalypse in the Holy Desert Raraku. Alongside Leoman, he served as a bodyguard to Sha'ik Elder, who had been appalled by her visons of the warrior's future.[1][2]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

Awakening the Whirlwind, Toblakai, Sha'ik and Leoman, by Grimhilde

Toblakai failed as Sha'ik's bodyguard, as Red Blades led by Lostara Yil assassinated Sha'ik as she opened the Book of Dryjhna. The two bodyguards drove off the attackers and remained with Sha'ik's body.[3]

They guarded the corpse and the book for weeks, gaunt and dazed from hunger, until the arrival of Felisin Paran and Heboric. Leoman named the girl Sha'ik Reborn. To Toblakai's dismay, Heboric recognized that Toblakai suffered because he was chained to the spirit of each person he had killed.[4]

"Tortured spirits writhe in this bastard's shadow—every man, woman and child that he's killed. Tell me, Toblakai, did those children beg to live?"
―Heboric challenging Toblakai about his past[src]

The barbarian and historian grew to despise each other, with Heboric baiting Toblakai and the bodyguard struggling to obey Felisin's command not to murder him. When Felisin instructed Toblakai to open the Book of Dryjhna, tears were brought to his eyes by the beauty he saw within its pages.[5] Toblakai and Leoman led Felisin to the Whirlwind camp at the Raraku oasis where he remained her bodyguard.[6]

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