Toll the Hounds
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Toll the Hounds
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Where will I stand
When the walls come down
East to the sun's rise
North to winter's face
South to where stars are born
West to the road of death

Where will I stand
When the winds wage war
Fleeing the dawn
Howling the breath of ice
Blistered with desert's smile
Dusty from crypts

Where will I stand
When the world crashes down
And on all sides
I am left exposed
To weapons illimitable
From the vented host

Will I stand at all
Against such forces unbarred
Reeling to every blow
Blinded by storms of pain
As all is taken from me
So cruelly taken away

Let us not talk of courage
Nor steel fortitude
The gifts of wisdom
Burn too hot to touch
The hunger for peace
Breaks the heart

Where will I stand
In the dust of a done life
Face bared to regrets
That flail the known visage
Until none but strangers
Watch my fall

None but Strangers
Fisher kel Tath

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