The Tolls Repository was a building in the Counters' Quarter of Letheras[1] where the city's debt transactions were recorded. It was staffed by clerks, readers, and coin counters who recorded transactions on scrolls and processed chests of coins.[2] The Repository proper consisted of a huge guarded Master Chamber where the employees worked by lantern light.[2] The building also seemed to contain the Royal Vaults that held the kingdom's treasury.[3]

The Repository's impregnability was well known and it was so well guarded that no one had ever succeeded in stealing from it. Even the powerful sorcerer, Green Pig, had failed to breach its security.[3]

In Midnight Tides Edit

As part of his scheme to crash the Letherii economy, Tehol Beddict asked Shurq Elalle to infiltrate the Tolls Repository to obtain a list of royal debts owed by King Ezgara Diskanar, Queen Janall, and Prince Quillas.[4][3] He also wanted to know the state of the treasury within the royal vaults.[3]

Shurq led a large number of ghosts who had been gathering at the Azath Tower to the Repository. The ghosts scared all the guards and workers away, allowing Shurq to steal whatever information was required and get out safely.[5]

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