Tolth was an old Seti woman who was the shaman of the 'Eagle Clan' of the Seti Plains during the time of the initial formation of the Malazan Empire. She was the daughter of Amal, who was either her father or her mother. Tolth wore a shawl which was thick and feather-covered. Her eyes were described as being "sharp and piercing - like that of a bird of prey". When Tolth travelled, especially at night, on the Seti Plains, she was accompanied by a mounted band of Seti warriors who she referred to as her "honour guard".[1]

In Kellanved's ReachEdit

Tolth, leaving her dismounted band of warriors at a "respectful distance", approached the small fire of Ullara of Li Heng - who was journeying northward to the Great Fenn Range. With Ullara's permission, Tolth came to the fire and warmed her hands at it. After introducing herself, the shaman told Ullara that she had sought Ullara out as she had become known amongst the Seti as the "bird-woman'. Tolth then told Ullara that she wanted to offer Ullara a "place of honour" amongst the 'Eagle Clan'. Ullara, overwhelmed - after thanking the shaman - had to tell Tolth that she could not accept the offer as she felt 'called' to continue travelling to the north. Tolth, disappointed, told Ullara that she understood that Ullara was making a "journey of the spirit and of the flesh". The shaman assured Ullara, however, that the offer would continue to stand, and that Ullara would be welcomed if she, finished with what drew her to the north, wanted to return to Tolth and the 'Eagle Clan'. Before Tolth left Ullara, she asked if she could leave some of her Seti 'young bloods' to act as Ullara's escort. Ullara at first told the shaman that such help was unnecessary, but changed her mind when Tolth pointed out that the 'young bloods' would not only consider it an honour, but would also be of help when Ullara and her mule-drawn cart had to cross some rivers which were ahead of her. Ullara, seeing the wisdom of this, accepted Tolth's offer but told the shaman that the warriors would need to keep their distance. Tolth, assuring Ullara that the young Seti men and women would certainly do so, then exchanged farewells with Ullara while also expressing the hope that Ullara would return.[2]

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