Tomad Sengar was a Tiste Edur and the patriarch of the noble Sengar bloodline.[1] His mate was Uruth who bore him four sons: Fear, Trull, Binadas, and Rhulad. He had once been a rival of Hannan Mosag's for the throne.[2]

Tomad had a strict sense of propriety and judged his sons harshly on their actions. His relationship with his youngest son, Rhulad, was especially fraught as the boy lacked the maturity of his elder brothers.[3][4]

He had dark eyes and large, scarred hands.[3]

In Midnight TidesEdit

Trull Sengar rushed home to his father to report that the Letherii had violated the terms of their treaty with the Tiste Edur by illicitly harvesting Tusked seals in Edur waters. Tomad brought Trull to tell his story before the Warlock King and his council.[5]

Hannan Mosag led four longboats of Edur, including Trull and Fear, against the Letherii harvesting ships. But his warriors only stood by as the Warlock King summoned an immense Demon spirit-god from the water to slaughter the ships' crews. Both Trull and Fear were horrified, reporting the event back to their parents. Uruth was angered that Mosag relied on a summoning rather than an unveiling of Kurald Emurlahn. Despite Tomad's stern demands she drop the matter, she secretly directed Fear to take his brothers to the Stone Bowl to learn the truth of their faith and cast doubt on the Warlock King's motives.[6]

Tomad agreed to the Warlock King's request to send his sons onto the ice fields of Lether in search of a gift seen in one of Mosag's visions. The brothers successfully recovered a sword encased in the ice, but Rhulad was killed in the process. Tomad was proud that Rhulad had died as a blooded warrior, but both he and his wife refused to let the Warlock King cut off his son's hands to recover the blade that refused to leave his grasp.[7] When Rhulad returned to life and declared himself the emperor of the Tiste Edur, Tomad kneeled before him with all the others.[8]

During the Edur invasion of Lether, Tomad and Binadas led one of Rhulad's armies. They quickly captured Fort Shake[9] and The Manse[10][11] before marching south towards Five Points.[12] They eventually joined the armies of Rhulad and Fear at Brans Keep where they faced the majority of the Letherii Army. During the Battle of Brans Keep, Tomad's army held the Edur left flank. Unlike the rest of the army, they engaged in traditional hand-to-hand combat with their opponents. When the Letherii army saw their left and centre collapse in the face of overwhelming Edur sorcery they broke and ran and the Edur were victorious.[13] Rhulad assigned Tomad and Fear the task of preparing a barrow for all of the dead of both armies before marching on the capital.[14]

After the Edur captured Letheras, Tomad and Uruth stood together in the throne room of the Eternal Domicile as Rhulad was declared emperor of the Letherii Empire.[15]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Tomad and Hanradi Khalag were promoted to Preda and each made commander of about half the Third Edur Imperial Fleet, which was sent across the world to Seven Cities by Emperor Rhulad.[3] Tomad and his Hiroth portion of the fleet were accompanied by Yan Tovis and her Letherii soldiers. They sailed back and forth along the subcontinent's northern coast for nearly half a year torturing and murdering those they found while seeking a champion to duel their emperor to the death.[16] The Edur spent their time aboard ship feasting, drinking wine, and slaking their lusts on their Letherii slave women. When the slaves were used up or became pregnant they were thrown overboard to feed the Dhenrabi.[17]

Visiting the island kingdom of Sepik Tomad's found an underclass of mixed race Tiste Edur slaves. His warriors sadistically tortured and murdered the entire Human population and "liberated" the slaves to serve new Edur masters. The nearby island of Monkan met the same fate. Ahlrada Ahn looked on in barely disguised horror as his Edur companions seemed to delight in the blood and cruelty.[18]

On the coast of the Sepik Sea, Tomad found his champion, the Jhag Icarium and his companion, Taralack Veed.[19] The Preda grew less convinced of Icarium's prowess as the Jhag spent his time aboard ship weeping and refusing to eat. Yan Tovis delivered a message from the Preda to Taralack Veed—unless Icarium proved his worth, he would be tossed overboard to the sharks.[20]

Tomad and Hanradi's fleets converged to ambush the Malazan Imperial Fleet as it transported Adjunct Tavore Paran's 14th Army through the Kokakal Sea. Nearly a hundred Tiste Edur warlocks attempted to destroy the Malazan fleet with a wall of Chaos magic, but High Mage Quick Ben (assisted by Bottle and the Eres'al) countered with their own magic, causing the wall to collapse and killing many of the warlocks. The Edur were forced with withdraw, but not before Tomad received word that the Silanda was spotted amongst the Malazan ships. Taralack Veed noted that the news appeared to strike the Preda like a physical blow. Yan Tovis explained that the ship had been given to one of Tomad's sons to command on a mission into the Nascent. The details of the mission were not meant for the Emperor's ears, but if the ship had been captured by the enemy, it meant two of Tomad's sons were now dead. A consuming hatred of the Malazans was born that day.[21]

Icarium found his test when the Preda sent him with a Tiste Edur war party to claim the Throne of Shadow on Drift Avalii. Of the two hundred Edur and sixty Letherii sent, only Icarium, Taralack Veed, and Varat Taun returned.[22][23]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Upon Rhulad's command, Tomad and his wife were condemmed to two month imprisonment in the dungeon crypts of the Fifth Wing.[24] They were taken there by Sirryn Kanar and other Letherii guards.[25]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Tomad Sengar.

Tomad drowned while imprisoned in the dungeons beneath the Imperial Palace in the city of Letheras.

Significant plot details end here.

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