Torahaval Delat was Quick Ben's older sister and a priestess of Poliel.[1][2] Although nowhere near as talented as her younger brother, she did possess some minor skill in magic.[3]

She had dark skin and long legs.[4]


At the age of ten, living in Aren, Quick Ben played a prank on his entire extended family of 42 members, including four-month old Minarala. This involved the use of the old art of making figures which incorporated some part of a person like a hair or nail clipping to then be used in a magic ritual. One night he used the figure of a wolf representing himself to invade and terrify the dreams of the sheep representing his family.[5] The next day Torahaval checked his many bolt-holes across the city and eventually caught up with him in the Prelid Quarter where Quick played another trick on her. Possessing a small Talent herself, she attempted to use the wolf figure against her brother. But Quick Ben expected this and had incorporated a piece of her underclothes into the doll's construction. Torahaval's attempts to force the boy to stumble affected them both, leaving her in agony and him shrieking with laughter. After that, Torahaval decided to hate him forever.[6] She completed rituals to sever her ties to her brother, but he made certain that not all threads between them were cut.[7] As an adult, he regretted torturing his sister in their youth.[8]

Some bloodstained incident in her past left her with a vast, empty space in her soul that she was driven to fill. She had knelt before many altars over the years looking for some external hand of salvation and the Mistress of Pestilence's was but the latest. Fourteen months before the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan she had been drawn into Poliel's temple while living in her chosen home of Karashimesh.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Apsalar discovered Torahaval's name among Mebra's secret notes after the spy's murder. Mebra had listed Torahaval as one of several of his rivals for leadership in the Cult of Rashan who had attended the cult's Grand Meeting. Mebra dismissed Torahaval, stating she was "a bitch, with nothing of the humour of her cousin, nor his deadliness. She plays at this and nothing more, but she will make a fine head-piece, a High Priestess with seductive charms and so the acolytes shall flock."[1] Torahaval's dealings with the cult also made her an enemy of Shadowthrone and Cotillion and her name was added to the gods' list of those to be assassinated by Apsalar.[9]

At the time the Bluetongue Plague was spreading across Seven Cities, Torahaval was one of several of terrified priests and priestesses trapped in G'danisban in the Temple of Poliel with the goddess herself. One by one Poliel chose one among them as her mortal lovers, subjecting them to gruesome deaths in the process. After Sribin's death, Poliel chose Torahaval and the priestess was overcome by the goddess' invisible taloned hand. Only the sudden appearance of Ganoes Paran to confront Poliel over her plague saved her life. The Master of the Deck pinned the goddess with an Otataral shard and departed.[10]

At the same time, Quick Ben learned of his sister's plight and made a deal with Shadowthrone to travel to her side. But the god of Shadow betrayed Quick Ben, knowing the altar chamber was infused with otataral to defeat his magic, and sent his Hounds of Shadow to kill both the mage and his sister. Both Delats survived the trap when Apsalar defied her masters and fought against the Hounds while Quick Ben carried his unconscious sister away. Brokeface convinced Quick Ben to bring Torahaval to the Temple of Soliel where Paran forced the goddess to heal her. The mage departed without his sister ever knowing he had been there.[11]

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