Torrent was a cocky young Awl warrior who followed Redmask when the latter returned to lead his tribesmen to war against the Letherii. He initially wore red face paint as a sign of solidarity with Redmask but was forced to give that up as it left him with a rash.

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Redmask felt that the young man needed taking down a peg and assigned him to train the children along with Toc Anaster.

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In Dust of DreamsEdit

After the catastrophic defeat of the Awl, Torrent and the children were the only survivors. Toc sent them away to meet the arriving Barghast forces before his final charge against the Letherii. The children survived in the Barghast camp until Tool's clan of Imass attacked the Senan Barghast clan, while Torrent had accompanied Setoc into the eastern wilderness.

The two joined with Stavi, Storii, and Absi, along with Gruntle, Mappo, and the remaining crew of the Trygalle Trade Guild carriage they had ridden to Kolanse.

In The Crippled GodEdit

Torrent took upon himself the responsibility of guarding the twins Stavi and Storii, along with their younger brother Absi, from Olar Ethil. During their journey through a Warren, he briefly encountered Kruppe, who gave him a Rhivi bow and arrows with which to protect the children. During the Battle of the Spire, he broke both of his legs sliding down an Omtose Phellack glacier, but was able to trick Olar Ethil into standing on a rise of ice that gave him a clear shot at the Bonecaster. After her death, he slipped into a gaping crevasse and was not heard from again.

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