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Trake's Legion by Shadaan

Trake's Legion consisted of eighty stony-eyed, misfit survivors of all ages from the siege of Capustan, led by Gruntle, a former caravan guard who had become Trake's Mortal Sword. Gruntle hated everything associated with the military and their practices, and was lax in discipline. Consequently, his legion marched like rabble clumped together "like sea-raiders wandering inland in search of a farmhouse to pillage." His only officer was a former Lestari sergeant who he had promoted to Lieutenant. In fact, the Legion's name had been conceived by Gruntle in jest.[1][2]

In Memories of IceEdit

The Legion originally marched at the rear of Caladan Brood's forces from Capustan towards the city of Coral to take part in the Siege of Coral. But while still on the move, Gruntle sensed their Malazan allies, who were already before the city's gates, were in trouble. To the astonishment of his friends Itkovian and Stonny Menackis, Gruntle and his Legion transformed into a single, massive tiger that silently raced ahead.[3]

Reaching the city, they transformed back into soldiers, and found the Malazans and Grey Swords facing an army of K'ell Hunters. Trake had a score to settle with the undead K'Chain Che'Malle and Gruntle placed his Legion at the front of the army. When the battle began, his soldiers again became a tiger that bit and clawed its way through the mass of Hunters. As the K'Chain Che'Malle attacked the tiger from all sides, bloodied human bodies fell away. By the time thousands of T'lan Ay came to assist, the tiger was dying. At battle's end, only eight Capan women remained of the entire Legion.[4][5]

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