This page will list Malazan names and phrases as they appear in all Bulgarian publications and give their English equivalent, as well as additional information about the translated version.

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"Malazan Book of the Fallen" has been translated to "Малазанска Книга на Мъртвите" in Bulgarian (literally Malazan Book of the Dead).

The entire series is published by "Bard" Publishing House, and has been released over the course of 2004 to 2011. All volumes have been translated by Valery Rusinov.[1]

Book titles Edit

The following list contains the approximate ISO-9 transliteration of the Bulgarian title, the Bulgarian title itself, the literal English conversion of the title, and finally, the year of publication in Bulgarian (in parentheses).

  1. Lunnite gradini - Лунните градини - The Lunar Gardens (2004)
  2. Dverite na Skrǎbniya dom - Дверите на Скръбния дом - The Gates of the Home of Sorrow (2004)
  3. Spomeni ot led - Спомени от лед - Memories of Ice (2004)
  4. Dom na verigi - Дом на вериги - A House of Chains (2005)
  5. Srednoshtni prilivi - Среднощни приливи - Midnight Tides (2006)
  6. Lovtsi na kosti - Ловци на кости - Hunters of Bones (2007)
  7. Vihǎrǎt na žǎtvarya - Вихърът на жътваря - The Whirlwind of the Reaper (2008)
  8. Dan na hrǎtkite - Дан на хрътките - Toll for the Hounds (2009)
  9. Prah ot mečti - Прах от мечти - Dust of Dreams (2010)
  10. Sakatiyat bog - Сакатият бог - The Crippled God (2011)

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The covers of the Bulgarian versions of the novels are a mix of the UK and US originals.

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