Travale was a High Mage and member of the T'orrud Cabal in Darujhistan. He was described as a pious soldier of the Cabal.[1]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Travale was the third member of the Cabal to be assassinated by Vorcan after she took on a contract from the Malazan Empire to eliminate them.[2]

In The BonehuntersEdit

The Seguleh Second met Cutter in a monastery in Seven Cities. Recognising the thief as a Daru, the Second asked if the Tyrant's children still ruled Darujhistan. When a confused Cutter stated that the city was ruled by a Noble Council, their conversation soon turned to the T'orrud Cabal. The Second described them as undying, secretive, paranoid mages steeling themselves for the Tyrant's inevitable return. He named them as Travalegrah, Barukanal, Derudanith, and Mammoltenan. Cutter got the sense that he should return home as soon as possible.[3]

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