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Traveller was a mysterious swordsman of great skill.

In House of Chains[]

The man known as "Traveller" was shown to be in the company of a group of Malazans, including Hawl. Their three war dromons were attacked by a fleet of Tiste Edur after a chance encounter off Drift Avalii, and Traveller was among a small group of survivors who made it to the floating island's shore.[1]

Cutter sought the Malazans' aid in protecting the island's Throne of Shadow from the Edur. Aware of the Throne's importance, Traveller convinced the others that the fight was necessary for the Malazan Empire and all of humanity. With Traveller's help, Cutter, Andarist, Apsalar, and Cotillion drove the Edur away. During the fighting, Andarist and most of the Malazans were killed. Traveller took the fallen Andarist's sword, which Cutter noted was named 'Vengeance' or 'Grief', depending on which better suited the wielder. Traveller chose Vengeance and vowed to guard the Throne for a time and bury the corpses of the fallen.[2]

As Cutter and Apsalar left the island by ship, they observed Traveller standing on the shoreline with a half-dozen Malazan survivors.[3] From Dancer's memories, Apsalar understood that Dancer, Kellanved, and Traveller knew each other well and had once been companions, before Tayschrenn, before Dujek, and before Surly. Now she sensed great power and anger.[4]

Later, Cotillion and Shadowthrone stood over Hawl's body in the forest preparing to take her home to Shadow. Cotillion notified Shadowthrone that Traveller was on the island, and Shadowthrone shrugged that the man would have no interest in answering their questions. They quickly left as Shadowthrone admitted Traveller being so close made him nervous.[5] Eventually, Cotillion placed Demons of Shadow on the island to guard the Throne.[6]

In The Bonehunters[]

Traveller sent the surviving Tiste Andii of Drift Avalii, including Nimander Golit and Phaed, away to safety by ship along with Mudslinger, Gentur, and the other Malazan marines. He eventually departed the island, as when Ahlrada Ahn's party of Edur later arrived, he was nowhere to be found. Disguised by Shadowthrone's magic, the Throne appeared to be destroyed and the Edur left enraged and bitterly disappointed.[7] When Braven Tooth later heard the tale of Traveller's fighting prowess from Mudslinger, the Master Sergeant thought something about how he killed his enemies without breaking a sweat sounded familiar.[8]

In Toll the Hounds[]

Samar Dev ran into Traveller when she was looking for Karsa Orlong.[9] After catching up to him, the three of them traveled together for a time.[10]

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