Treat first appeared as one of two new prisoners in The Pit, a Malazan mining workcamp for mages. His companion was Grief.

Treat appeared young, fit, and tanned. His scars and demeanor indicated he was a veteran.[1]

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In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Treat was revealed to be an Avowed of the Crimson Guard. He and Grief, who was actually his commander Blues, liberated the Malazan mages to serve as recruits to the Guard.[2] The pair joined the rest of their Blade on board the Forlorn to transport the new recruits back to the Guard.[3] Along the way the Malazan mages sensed momentous events involving the Guard near Li Heng and Yathengar 'ul Amal convinced Blues to allow a ritual that would speed their travel. The ritual brought their ship through the warren of Serc.

But Yathengar betrayed his rescuers, sending the ship into Chaos before opening a rent into the midst of the Battle of the Plains.[4] The Forlorn crashed, spewing Treat and the others onto the field. Treat and the surviving Avowed, along with the mage Ho and a Malazan saboteur squad, attempted to defeat Yathengar, but were overpowered. They then provided protection for the Malazan High Mage Tayschrenn until he and Yathengar disappeared into the rent just before it was closed with Moranth munitions.[5]

Treat soon reunited with the Guard, now once again under K'azz D'Avore's leadership, and left for Stratem by warren.[6]

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