Tulan Orbed was a pirate from Mare, master of the ship Lady's Luck, and the uncle of Reuth. He was described as a great boar of a man with a thick black head of curly hair and beard to match. His dark face carried the scars of decades of fighting and exposure to sun and wind.[1]

Although gruff and short with his nephew, he loved him in his own way, paying a fortune to expand his knowledge of cartography at Jasston and Jourilan.[2][3]

In AssailEdit

Tulan organized an expedition to the gold fields of Assail and he recruited Kyle, a native of that land, to advise. His crew was packed with "murderers and hireswords" and he planned to lie in wait along the coast for ships returning laden with gold.[4] When the crew learned Kyle's identity they forced him overboard. An embarrassed Tulan did not interfere.[5]

Tulan was killed by the pirates of Old Ruse just after the Lady's Luck cleared the deadly Fear Narrows. First mate Storval took command of the ship and made Rueth his prisoner.[6]

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