Tulgord Vise was the Mortal Sword of the Sisters (Soliel and Poliel) and among the Nehemothanai, avowed hunters of Korbal Broach and Bauchelain.[1]

A proud and righteous man, he had a narrow, scarred face with black close-set eyes. His thin and ragged voice was said to have been the result of a failed D'rek assassination attempt.[2]

"Tulgord Vise has announced himself the Mortal Sword of the Sisters, and he is purity in all but name. His cloak is lined in white fur downy as a maidens scented garden. The bold enameled helm covering his stentorian skull gleams like egg-white on a skillet. His coat of polished mail smiles in rippling rows of silver teeth. The pommel of his proud sword is an opal stone any woman could not help but reach out and touch—were she so brave, so bold.
His visage glows with revelation, his eyes are the nuggets of a man with a secret hoard none could hope to find. All evil he has seen has died by his hand. All nobility he has granted by his presence he has sired in nine months’ time. This is Tulgord Vise, knight and champion of truth in the holy light of the Sisters.
―The Travellers Are Described[src]

In Blood FollowsEdit

After a string of grisly murders shocked the city of Lamentable Moll, Tulgord vowed to track down and slay the killer.[3] On the last night of the killings he swore a blood-vow and was consecrated by the High Priestess of the Sisters, filling him with formidable power. He tracked the killer to Fishermonger's Round and burst through the necromancer Bauchelain's wards. Unfortunately for Tulgard, his horse had not been blessed. Bauchelain caused the horse to fall sending the Mortal Sword head first into a stone barrow where he lay trapped and unconscious.[4]

In Crack'd Pot TrailEdit

Tulgord and the other Nehemothanai joined a caravan following in the footsteps of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach on the Cracked Pot Trail across the Great Dry. Halfway across the desolate plateau the group ran out of food. The armed contingent of the caravan, which included Tulgord, decided that the group's "useless" artists would better serve as meals for the rest. Tulgord beheaded a sensible poet who recommended they instead eat the knights' horses beginning the process.[5] When it was decided that the artists would perform in competition to see which would be chosen for the day's meal, Tulgord suffered through innumerable confusing songs and tales. Famed poet Nifty Gum broke down at the site of his dead, reanimated follower Sellup and asked for someone to "end it", Tulgord Vise mistook it for a plea to end Nifty's own life and so he stabbed him through the chest.[6]

As the caravan came to the end of the Great Dry, the poet Avas Didion Flicker told a story to the already agitated group of Nehemothanai and Chanters that hinted that their quarry, the necromancers, were the true passengers in the reclusive Dantoc Calmpositis' carriage. Violence ensued and the carriage collided with the horse of Steck Marynd causing his crossbow to misfire into Tulgord's mount. The horse threw off the Mortal Sword directly into the path of the mule drawn carriage. Tulgord was crushed under the wheels before his weapon belt caught on the carriage's underside and he was dragged over a three hundred foot cliff. Afterwards there was no sign of his body amidst the wreckage below.[7]

In The Fiends of NightmariaEdit

Tulgord Vise was one of the ultimate survivors of the dire events of the Crack'd Pot Trail who arrived safely at the city of Farrog. Sometime near the conclusion of the 'Festival of Flowers and Sunny Days' - Tulgord was arrested on the orders of the new King of Farrog, the usurper and regicide, Bauchelain the First. Tulgord (together with six other Cracked Pot Trail survivors - i.e., Apto Canavalian, Brash Phluster, Flea Chanter, Midge Chanter, Steck Marynd, and Tiny Chanter) was taken to a torture chamber in the crypts of the Royal Palace of Farrog. There, the seven survivors were tortured - in rotation - on the rack by the Royal Torturer, Binfun...with far worse in the offing.[8] Luckily, these particular prisoners, including Tulgord, were able to escape with the aid of Shartorial Infelance, the Royal Palace's Seneschal,[9][10] and were soon wandering the crypt tunnels.[11]

At one point, Tulgord and the others had a mayhem-filled encounter with a group of thieves - the 'Party of Five' - who were also wandering the tunnels for reasons of their own.[12] After some badly-needed healing at the Royal Apothecary,[13][14] Apto Canavalian and Brash Phluster left the others and set off, individually,[15] while the others, including Tulgord, continued on together.[16]

The remaining five escaped prisoners, including Tulgord, found their way to the Throne Room of the Royal Palace...where they hoped to find King Bauchelain and Korbal Broach. Entering the Throne Room, the group encountered the Demon Prince, Prince Flail Their Limbs...just leaving, and an Enthroned Demonic Mouse ensconced on the Throne. Due to an inadvertent action on the part of Steck Marynd, a cascade of unexpected disasters were unleashed.[17][18] The ultimate fate of Tulgord and the others was not given.

Quotes Edit

Nifty Gum: "Then came the night--"
Tulgord Vise: "What knight?"
Nifty Gum: "No, night, as in the sun's drowning in darkness."
Tulgord Vise: "The knight drowned the sun?"
Nifty Gum: "No, fair moon's golden rise--"
Tulgord Vise: "He's mooning the sun?"
Nifty Gum: "Excuse me, what?"
Tulgord Vise: "What's the knight doing, damn you? Cracking that egg in half, I wager!"
Nifty Gum: "The sun went down--that kind of night!"
Tulgord Vise: "Why didn't you say so?"
―Tulgord Vise and Nifty Gum[src]

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