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Turudal Brizad was the First Consort of Queen Janall Diskanar of the Kingdom of Lether.[1] He had soft, almost feminine features and usually affected a studied indifference.[2] Kettle called him "the pretty man" and said he was very handsome.[3] As First Consort, he was bound by ancient laws denying him formal relationships with man or woman. He possessed virtually no rights and any child he should sire would be without name or political power.[4]

King's Champion Brys Beddict found him strangely disturbing.[2] The First Consort was a regular silent presence at even the most sensitive meetings of state. It was well known about the Old Palace that he shared his bed with other lovers besides the Queen and it was rumoured his conquests included Chancellor Triban Gnol.[2] Shurq Elalle claimed to have taken his virginity when she was still alive.[5]

Turudal was well known for his indolent ways and, with no formal military training, was virtually unable to meaningfully defend himself. He believed he was a forerunner of a time when soldiering would be left to the Indebted and the mentally inadequate.[6]

In Midnight Tides[]

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