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Seven Cities sub-continent

The Turul'a Escarpment was located east of G'danisban in Seven Cities. Its western edge was marked by range of sheer limestone cliffs pocked with countless caves. A road passed through a notch in the cliffs to the top.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Cutter, Heboric, Scillara, Felisin Younger, and Greyfrog stopped at the base of the escarpment on their way from G'danisban to Otataral Island. Heboric led them to shelter in a stone hollow by the side of the road where travellers had camped for millennia.[1] The hollow contained boulder-lined hearths, heaps of broken pottery, and piles of charred, fire-split bones. The walls were decorated with red ochre paintings and water trickled in a spring-fed pool.[2]

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