Tusked seals were native to the cold waters of northwestern Lether. During the winter season they returned in large numbers to the breeding beds of Calach Bay.[1] There they were hunted by the Hiroth tribe of the Tiste Edur for whom they were a major source of food.[2] The bottom of the bay's clear waters glittered with the bones of thousands of slaughtered animals from previous harvests.[3] The Hiroth's hunting rights within Calash Bay were protected by treaty with the Kingdom of Lether.[1]

Tusked seal sperm, combined with orange rinds and honey, was used in Letheras to make alcoholic Tusked Milk.[4] Tusked seal ivory was carved and used for multitudes of purposes among the Letherii such as "mimicking religious objects from the Edur, the Jheck and the Fent, or as playing pieces for a game".[5]

In Midnight TidesEdit

Trull Sengar wandered the shores of Calach Bay looking for jade when he discovered a fleet of Letherii ships illicitly slaughtering tusked seals.[6] Trull quickly returned to the court of Hannan Mosag, the Warlock King, to report on the Letherii outrage.[7]

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