Two-River Pass - so-called because of the double interwoven streams of Two-River - a river which ran the length of the valley - which flowed from the steep-sided southern end to the lower northern end and which crossed a modest range of mountains and hills running west to east. This river, running down the valley of the pass, possessed a series of falls at the southern end, and then eventually disappeared as it reached the northern end.[1]

In Kellanved's ReachEdit

In the early days of the formation of the Malazan Empire, Two-River Pass connected the lands of the Quon Talians to the south, and the territories belonging to their ancient enemy, Nom Purge to the north. Two-River Pass was often transversed by the hostile armies of both Quon Tali and Nom Purge in their interminable conflicts with each other.[2]

At the northernmost end of Two-River Pass, Two-River Fort occupied a mid-channel island made up of rocky soil and gravel. This dilapidated fort was the last fortress of any kind between the pass and Tellick, a coastal Nom Purge city.[3]

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