The Tyrant Kings were the ancient rulers of Darujhistan[1] during the great Imperial Age of Tyrants[2][3] during which Darujhistan was governed by a series of Jaghut Tyrants.[citation needed] This period was known as the Rising Time which was brought on by Sandenay, daughter of the second to last Tyrant King, Ektalm. Mammot wrote about this age in his volumes on the history of Darujhistan.[2]

One of the last remnants of that age which remained was the Despot's Barbican.[4]

Last Known Tyrant KingsEdit

(In order of succession)

In The BonehuntersEdit

Cutter encountered the undead Soldier of High House Death in Seven Cities and the ancient Seguleh spoke of Darujhistan in ways that confused the young thief. The Soldier asked Cutter if the Tyrant's children still ruled the city and whether the Tyrant's Seguleh army still held sway. When told there was no Tyrant, the Soldier spoke of the T'orrud Cabal as a group of undying, secretive, paranoid mages preparing for the inevitable return of the Tyrant. Among them he named Barukanal, Derudanith, Travalegrah, and Mammoltenan. He called Cutter's claim that Mammot was his uncle absurd.[5]

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

It was revealed that the Tyrants had employed Seguleh to enforce their reign. The Moranth opposed the Tyrants during this age and were known as the city's eternal enemy.[6] The Moranth wars ended with the fall of the last of the Tyrants and the breaking of the circle.[7]

The breaking of the circle referred to the Circle of Pure Justice, surrounding the great Orb of the King (what became Majesty Hill) and was known as the Orb of the Tyrants.[8] These, and many other structures in the city, were constructed of white stone. After the Age of Tyrants, white stone was only used for sepulchres and mausoleums due to local superstition.[9]

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