Ular Takeq was an ancient traveller from the Holy City of Ubaryd in Seven Cities. After sailing for nearly a year, he and his fellow travellers arrived at the island, Jacuruku. Ular wrote an account of this visit - covering not only the customs and peculiarities of the geography and the inhabitants of Jacuruku, but also some of the local legends and lore. Ular Takeq gave this work the title, Customs of Ancient Jakal-Uku - which became known amongst the well-educated of Jacuruku as well as elsewhere.[1][2][3]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Prince Jatal of the Adwami of southern Jacuruku was familiar with Ular Takeq's account of his visit to the island. The Prince wondered if the Warleader, a foreign mercenary commander - who was expediting the joint Adwami tribes' attack upon the Thaumaturgs' city of Isana Pura - knew so much about Isana Pura because he, also, had read Ular Takeq's work.[4]

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