Ullen Khadeve was once Adjutant to Choss on Dassem Ultor's staff, and was one of the Old Guard.[1] He had been a young lad when he first joined the Army as Choss' messenger and had been present for the final wars of consolidation on Quon Tali in the early days of the Malazan Empire.[2][3] Although he served in the military all his life he claimed to have never been further from Quon Tali than the Falari Isles where he had seen the Falaran capitals fall.[4][5]

He had pale-blue eyes, short blond hair and appeared to be in his forties.[6]

Ullen spoke fluent Seti.[7]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

During the Malazan civil war, Khadeve was part of the Talian League, acting as Urko Crust's lieutenant-commander and chief of staff. After the Talian League was defeated on the first day of the Battle of the Plains, its soldiers joined the Imperial forces to defeat their common foe, the Crimson Guard. Khadeve, being the ranking officer, picked up the command of the entire army, leading them responsibly. With the unexpected help of the Wickans, he was able to beat the Crimson Guard into a retreat.

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After witnessing Dassem and his surviving First Sword repel Skinner and his Disavowed, Ullen found himself separated from his escort. He was with Captain Moss when he was assassinated. Ullen's last view was that of a woman with long white hair, who was herself seemingly killed immediately after by Moss.[8]

The night following Ullen's death Dessembrae stood amidst the carnage of the battlefield, his head lowered. Visited by Hood, Dessembrae told him he came to bear witness to a soldier's death. The man who died, likely Ullen, would have become a High Fist and one of the Malazan Empire's greatest generals if not for a few twists of fate on the battlefield. "But all that potential died here today, unrealized. Known to none."[9]

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