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Ulshun Pral was the leader of the Bentract Imass in the Refugium. He was described as a short, but muscular Imass with honey-skin, overly long arms, and thick shoulders.[1][2] His body had countless scars, and signs of a broken forearm that had healed unevenly. His left cheekbone was dimpled inward, and his nose was flattened and pressed to one side.[1]

He wore furs hung in a roughly sewn cloak that showed a patchwork of tones and textures.[1]

He was a skilled cave painter, capturing the images of the Refugium's animals so that they seemed in motion. True to Imass belief, his depictions of his people were lifeless and awkward stick figures.[3]

In Midnight Tides[]

Feather Witch attempted to force Udinaas to take her into his dream realm to see it for herself, but instead they appeared in the Refugium amidst the Imass. Ulshun Pral pushed Udinaas to the ground with his stone blade to the slave's neck while the other Bentract grabbed Feather Witch. Unable to speak each others' language, Ulshun Pral eventually allowed Udinaas to regain his feet.[4]

The two Letherii slaves explored the nearby ruins of a destroyed Meckros city, whose thousands of deceased residents had been buried by the Bentract. They returned to find Ulshun Pral had been joined by the boy, Rud Elalle. They soon discovered the boy spoke the Meckros trader tongue and learned he was the son of Udinaas and the goddess, Menandore. With the boy interpreting, Ulshun informed the Letherii that they had promised to take care of the boy for Menandore until she returned. He explained how the Bentract had been brought to this world and their Bonecaster had sacrificed her life sealing the gates through which countless beasts came and fought.[5]

Their current realm was surrounded by Starvald Demelain, a Hold unknown to the Letherii. Ulshun tried to explain by describing the Dragons who came from there, including T'iam, Silanah, and others. Before Udinaas and Feather Witch returned home, he promised to ready a feast for their return.[6]

In Reaper's Gale[]

It transpired that Ulshun was the son of Onrack T'emlava and Kilava Onass. After Onrack and Kilava's night of passion on the eve of the Ritual of Tellann, she secretly bore Ulshun Pral and brought him to live in the illusory world of the Refugium.[7] His was the only Imass soul in that realm that was not a ghost memory living in a haze of self-delusion over a period of millennia. A fact of which he was fully aware.[8] Some time during this period, Gothos gave Ulshan Pran a Finnest in the shape of a stone dagger containing the spirit of Scabandari Bloodeye. The Jaghut warned him that Silchas Ruin would one day come to claim the dagger.[9]

When the Refugium's Bonecaster sacrificed herself in attempt to save their realm, her cries of anguish were heard by three Bentract T'lan Imass: Clan chief Hostille Rator and Bonecasters Gr'istanas Ish'Ilm and Til'Aras Benok. The three followed the calls into the Refugium and were astonished to find the living Imass led by a clan chief they had never heard of. They thought of usurping control of the tribe but were terrified of Rud Elalle.[10][11]

Onrack, Trull Sengar, and Quick Ben found their way into the Refugium as agents of Shadowthrone and Cotillion. They knew something was coming that threatened the realm and shamed the three T'lan Imass into declaring they would defend it alongside them.[12] Onrack subconsciously recognised something familiar about Ulshun Pral's stance, gestures, walk, and artistic talent, but was unaware he was his son.[13] To protect his people, Rud Elalle led the Imass away, but Menandore would not let Ulshun Pral accompany him. The clan chief recognised that the day Gothos warned him about had arrived and did not resist.[14]

Onrack and Trull brought Ulshun Pral into the cavern containing the Gates of Starvald Demelain to keep him safe. But Silchas Ruin and his party entered the Refugium from one of the gates, and after a brief melee that left Onrack unconscious, Ruin seized Ulshun Pral by the throat. At that moment, Kilava arrived and warned Ruin not to harm her son. The Tiste Andii seized Ulshun Pral's dagger and used it to slay Kettle, who was the seed of an Azath House in the guise of a girl. A new Azath House sprung from her corpse, taking control of the failing gates and saving the Refugium by rooting it in reality.[15]

After Onrack reawakened, Kilava introduced him to his son.[16]

In Dust of Dreams[]

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In The Crippled God[]

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