Ursto Hoobutt and his sometime lover, Pinosel, were residents of Letheras. Ursto referred to Pinosel as "Cherrytart", and she called him a "fat, flea-bit oaf".[1]

In Midnight TidesEdit

Ursto Hoobutt and Pinosel proceeded to get drunk at Settle Lake to await the fall of Letheras as Emperor Rhulad Sengar's army of Tiste Edur entered the city. The pair celebrated the ends of their debts and argued over whether they should get married. Just as Pinosel demanded Ursto choose a day to wed, they witnessed the capture of the ancient sea-god that had been bound into service by the Edur. Ceda Kuru Qan had lured it into Settle Lake with illusory promises of power and freedom, then a Jaghut Huntress who owed Bugg a favour froze the lake solid with Omtose Phellack. Afterwards, a stunned Ursto agreed to marry Pinosel that day.[1]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

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In Dust of DreamsEdit

Bugg revealed that Ursto and his wife were the Elder Gods known as the Lord and Lady of Wine and Beer. Upon Bugg's request, Pinosel and Ursto defended Seren Pedac and her unborn child during Fiddler's reading of the Deck of Dragons. They caught fire as they stood between Seren and the Errant and were reduced to puddles by the vast power unleashed during the reading. Their fate was uncertain, but Bugg hoped that they would return.


"These two are the remnants of an ancient pantheon, worshipped by the original inhabitants of the settlement buried in the silts beneath Letheras. In fact, Ursto and Pinosel are the first two, the Lord and the Lady of Wine and Beer. They came into being as a consequence of the birth of agriculture. Beer preceded bread as the very first product of domesticated plants. Cleaner than water, and very nutritious. The first making of wine employed wild grapes. These two creations are elemental forces in the history of humanity. Others include such things as animal husbandry, the first tools of stone, bone and antler, the birth of music and dance and the telling of tales. Art, on stone walls and on skin. Crucial, profound moments one and all.
Mindful and respectful partaking of their aspects have given way to dissolute, careless excess. Respect for their gifts has vanished, Acquitor. the more sordid the use of those gifts, the more befouled become the gift givers.
―Bugg on Ursto Hoobutt and Pinosel[src]

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