Urusander's Legion, or the Legion of Light, was led by Vatha Urusander, father of Osserc, and was created to protect the Tiste realm of Kurald Galain during the wars against the Jheck and the Forulkan. They were highly disciplined but ill equipped, their weapons were provided in part by the Hust Legion, although they were only given second rate swords, never the famed singing or wailing swords.

The legion was mainly composed of commoners and was a meritocracy, as opposed to the Hust Legion, led by the Hust noble family for generations.

Their uniforms included charcoal grey half-capes piped in gold with high leather knee-guards based on Urusander's own armour.[1]

The Legion was headquartered at the New Keep in Neret Sorr, several days' ride northeast of Kharkanas.

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