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Uruth Sengar was the matriarch of the Sengar bloodline and a Tiste Edur witch of Kurald Emurlahn. Her mate was Tomad Sengar and with him she had four sons: Fear, Trull, Binadas, and Rhulad.

Her father had been killed in battle with the Arapay tribe.[1] She was a skillful weaver and kept the family's bloodline tapestry updated with the Sengar's roles in current events.[2] Despite her skill in Edur magic, she found it difficult to plumb the depths of the Letherii soul.[3]

In Midnight Tides[]

Uruth healed Udinaas and Feather Witch after their encounter with a Wyval during Feather Witch's disastrous casting of the Tiles. Feather Witch sensed a stain within Uruth's magic and in the Edur's use of Kurald Emurlahn in general, but hid this knowledge and the scope of her own power from the Sengar matriarch.[4] Uruth continued to monitor Udinaas for signs of a Wyval infection, but the Shadow wraith, Wither, was able to hide evidence of its presence from her.[5][6]

Uruth was suspicious of Edur Warlock King Hannan Mosag's burgeoning powers. When Fear and Trull described Mosag's attack on a fleet of Letherii seal poachers, she was angered that the Warlock King had relied on a demonic summoning rather than an unveiling of Kurald Emurlahn. Despite Tomad's stern demands she drop the matter, she secretly directed Fear to take his brothers to the Stone Bowl to learn the truth of their faith and cast doubt on the Warlock King's motives.[7]

She had a fraught relationship with Mayen, Fear's betrothed. Uruth stewed when Mayen criticized her violation of Udinaas' mind as rape.[8] Later, Mayen overstepped her place and blessed the Nerek Indebted who accompanied Buruk the Pale to their village. Feather Witch reported the act to Uruth, who angrily confronted her future daughter-in-law.[9]

The Warlock King sent the Sengar brothers off into the ice fields in search of a gift revealed to him in a dream. When they returned, Rhulad was dead clutching the gifted sword permanently within his hands. Both Uruth and Tomad refused to let the Warlock King cut off their youngest son's hands to recover the blade.[10] When Rhulad returned to life and declared himself the emperor of the Tiste Edur, Uruth kneeled before him with all the others.[11]

During the Edur invasion of Lether, Tomad and Binadas led one of Rhulad's armies and Uruth accompanied them. After the Battle of High Fort, she rode to meet Fear's army near Thetil and attempted to mend relations between Fear and Trull. Although she agreed with Trull that their enslaved demons deserved to be well treated, she chastised him for objecting to Rhulad's war. She admitted to finding Trull's defiance difficult to understand.[12]

Uruth was the one who had the idea to forge an alliance between the Kenryll'ah and the Edur against Lether in return for Edur help against the Korvalahrai. Her plan called for Rhulad to divert the Chirahd River through a rent leading to the creation of the Nascent.[13]

Rhulad claimed Mayen as his wife, and the horrified woman coped by drowning herself in the narcotic White nectar to dull her senses.[14] When she became pregnant, Uruth took over her care to wean her and the emperor's unborn heir off the drug.[15]

At the Battle of Brans Keep, Uruth and four other Edur witches protected the camp of Edur elders, women, and children who followed the army. The four used Kurald Emurlahn to stop a stray sphere of potent Letherii magic that crashed into the camp, but three of the women died and Uruth was left unconscious.[16] She recovered in time to accompany the victorious Edur into Letheras where Mayen saw her chance to escape. Uruth was further enraged by Udinaas' disappearance and betrayal of her son.[17]

After the Edur captured the Letherii capital, Uruth and Feather Witch tended Binadas after his battle with Ceda Kuru Qan. She and Tomad stood together in the throne room of the Eternal Domicile as Rhulad was declared emperor of the Letherii Empire.[18]

In Reaper's Gale[]

Uruth returned to Letheras with the Third Edur Imperial Fleet after scouring the world for champions to face the Emperor in mortal combat.[19] Her fleet had been the one that discovered Senior Assessor in the Cabal Archipelago.[20] Upon reaching port, Feather Witch abandoned her service to hide in the bowels of the Old Palace.[21]

Uruth and Tomad took up rooms in one of the damp and decrepit areas of the failing Eternal Domicile, decorating one wall with fetishes of feathers, strips of seal skin, necklaces of shells, and shark teeth representing of their deceased children. This included Trull, which would have resulted in their execution if Rhulad were to learn of it. The two argued over Rhulad with Uruth naming her husband a coward for failing to exert his will over their remaining son. She said they must abandon the clearly insane Rhulad and work with the untrustworthy Hannan Mosag to ensure the survival of the Edur.[22][23]

But Chancellor Triban Gnol gave them no time to act. He used Tomad and Uruth's ill-treatment and neglect of the mixed-blooded Edur they rescued from Sepik to drive a wedge between them and the Emperor. When he learned their kin had been left in the city's trench-pens amongst slaves and criminals, an enraged Rhulad condemned his parents to a two month imprisonment in the damp dungeon crypts of the palace's Fifth Wing.[24] They were taken there by Sirryn Kanar and other Letherii guards and chained apart in total darkness where there were no shadows for Uruth to work her magic. Sirryn took her grey cloak so that she would be no more warm than her husband.[25][26]

Some time later, one of the Chancellor's guards delivered the news that an error among the jailers had left Uruth and Tomad unattended for a week. During that time the water in their damp cells had risen and drowned them. Their chains had been too short to keep their heads above the chest-deep water.[27]

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