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My notepadEdit

Mega DPEdit

Project page: Malazan Wiki:Dramatis Personae all books

Intense editEdit

Adding every bit of content with source references to Wiki. Also adding references to existing content and/or making corrections to content were needed. Trying to add as much detailed description for characters and locations as possible, to aid those who are trying to create artistic impressions. Currently slowing down on this one due to mega DP project.

  • tCG - chapters 1-5 done
  • GotM - Dramatis Personae done
  • GotM - prologue done
  • GotM - chapter 1-8 done

Keep an eye on new uploadsEdit

Adding categories as needed, helping out with formatting etc...

Open books at random and add contentEdit

My favourite project is coming across interesting bits of information, normally whilst looking for other stuff, and adding it to the relevant page :)

Dramatis Personae and GlossariesEdit

Systematically adding the info contained in them as references to the relevant entries - dipping into this one every now and then

  • Gardens of the Moon - DP done - G done
  • Deadhouse Gates - DP done - G done
  • Memories of Ice - DP done - G done
  • House of Chains - DP done

Changing chapter infobox and DP page to extended DP version as required

  • all current ones formatted

Book pages Edit

Adding Front matter sections and publisher's summary where missing Add (follow links in infobox for detailed summaries) to pages where summaries are completed Main pages short and chapter pages detailed summaries

ICE novels Edit

Tidy up referencing

Category tree Edit

Checking categories for all pages


Rename spoiler categories

Ask Dolmen for W/K image

Issues which need resolving:

Adding links to images once artists have given relevant web info:
Baran/Tavore - Seraph777
Icarium - Dolmen
Ceda Kuru Qan - Enaglio
Crump - A Demon Llama
Demonic apparition and others - Spindrift
Greyfrog by A Demon Llama
Kallor - by Fiddler
Stormy and Ges (light version) by CN

other issues: Darujhistan scuffle - embed in page if copyright issue is solved
K'ell hunter - Brentdgrooms - permission?
Karsa and Imass by Simon Underwood - upload
Two images by Puck to come?
last four images by Enaglio sorting
CN DA links for quotes

Spoiler proofingEdit

Checking Chapter summaries and character pages for spoilers - mark those that pass with the spoiler friendly eye template at the start to the page (mark characters on EDPs as well)

Add pronunciation guidesEdit

Assail - last one done: Eusta

Create re-directs for alternate apostropheEdit

’ or ' - last ones done: G (check for new pages)


Editing 'The Reach' at some point

Look into QB timeline issues

Jaghut Army

Add interview links to SE and ICE pages

Create Seti Plains page

Minala's page

Image galleries - spoiler tabs/links

User:Egwene of the Malazan Empire/Trivia

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