This user account is a bot operated by Jade Raventalk
It is a legitimate alternative account, used to make repetitive automated or semi-automated edits that would be tedious to do manually.
Administrators: If this bot is malfunctioning or causing harm, please block it.

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Requests[edit | edit source]

If you wish me to make a mass bot edit on the Malazan Wiki then leave a message with details of the mass edit you want carried out on this bots talk page.

Log[edit | edit source]

Notes and references

List: Special > All pages
Find: \n+== *Notes and [rR]eferences *==\n+{{Reflist}}\n+
Replace: \n\n==Notes and references==\n{{Reflist}}\n\n


List: Database > All text: warren
Find: \bwarren (exception for templates)
Replace: Warren

Bonehunter category, Priests and acolytes category

List: Category: Bonehunter
Find: ategory:Bonhunter
Replace: ategory:Bonhunters

Bonecaster, Soletaken

List: Database > All text: bonecaster
Find: \bbonecaster (exception for templates)
Replace: Bonecaster
Find: \bbonecaster] (no exception for templates)
Replace: Bonecaster]

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