Hello, I am an administrator (sysop) and bureaucrat on this wiki. I can probably help you with just about anything to do with this wiki - just leave a message on my talk page. My user name on is also Jade Raven.



  • Timeline of publications — Add internal chronology for appearance listing.
  • Clean up this page! Add reddit name.
  • Systematically work through Cat. Index.
  • Set up tabbed DPs.
  • Races diagrams.
  • Add ME external links to relevant page.
  • Template:Spoiler – Fix up code post theme test.
  • Adjust monobook thumbnail CSS.



  • Implement new theme.
  • Add UTC clock.
  • Test DA wiki spoiler system. Add something about it to Malazan Wiki:New Readers Zone.
  • Move toolbox link.
  • Add monobook syntax highlighting. – Investigate why merged script loading isn't working for me.
  • Investigate TopEdit?
  • Investigate JSChat.
  • Monobook wikitable default style to parchment?

New Community PortalEdit

  • Malazan Wiki — Redesign page, remove featured article, move skin pref. notice to bottom of page.
  • w:c:starwars:Help:Editing — Incorporate this to our own site.
  • Investigate re-working DCT, write community crash course in editing page incl. guidelines on talk pages.
  • Write something about signatures?

Main namespaceEdit


Maintenance TemplatesEdit

Make/upgrade some maintenance templates.

  • Template:Cleanup |style, |wikify, |expand, |sourcing, |merge (punt to LoMS?)
  • Template:Merge

Project pagesEdit



Signature pagesEdit

Voting ideaEdit



Vote will run for seven days (until xxx). Only established contributors votes will count (at least 50 edits from poll start date). Something else.

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