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To do:

  • Letherii army tactics
  • Pages on Bauchelain and Korbal Broach Done by ArchieVist
  • Deadhouse Gates, The Bonehuners, Reaper's Gale Chapters
  • OST, NoK, BAB, Dancer's Lament: chapter pages and character's without information, extended DP, correcting links and adding information on pages for characters.
  • Scorch and Leff, for OST
  • Update Claw, Moranth page
  • Revamp Fiddler, Topper, Tool, Icarium, Apsalar, Rillish, Edgewalker, Trull, Ipshank, Heboric, Icarium, Anand, Crokus, Udinaas, Brys, Seren Pedac pages
  • Add details for Battles of Spire and Plains
  • Update page on Convergence