Ut'el Anag was a Bonecaster of the Kerluhm T'lan Imass.

In AssailEdit

Over 30,000 years ago, Ut'el and his band chased a Jaghut woman into the mountains of northern Assail where she lured them into the territory of the Forkrul Assail. Before his entire band could be killed by the Forkrul he stabbed the Jaghut with his spear, Svalthbrul. She then fell into the abyss clutching his weapon while he escaped.[1]

In modern times, Ut'el was greeted by Lanas Tog, as he and his Imass pulled themselves from a moraine left by the retreating Jaghut ice. Ut'el joined Lanas in the hunt for the Jaghut matriarch he sensed in the mountains to the east.[2] Ut'el led the attack on the Jaghut-blooded people he sensed in Mantle before Ieleen, the Sea Witch, brought news on the wind of the Jaghut Raising of Phellack in the Salt Mountains. The Imass abandoned the battle and headed north.[3]

Ut'el returned to the site of his battle with the Jaghut matriarch in the shadow of the Forkrul. There, he met his old enemy, as well as the Crimson Guard, and recognized his spear, Svalthbrul, in the hands of Orman. Before combat could begin, Silverfox arrived and explained that the Kerluhm were no longer bound by their ritual. When Ut'el realized Lanas Tog had kept the knowledge of the Imass Redemption from him he reduced her to dust, and joined Silverfox.[4]

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