Venath were "enormous, hulking, black-skinned demons". They were immensely strong, capable of tossing boulders and powerful enough to kill a Forkrul Assail with a club.[1][2]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Three Nachts, which had been given to Withal by the Crippled God - named Rind, Mape, and Pule - having veered into the form of Venath demons when Sandalath Drukorlat opened a gate onto the Road of Gallan, were able to protect Withal and Sandalath from a Forkrul Assail. The three Venath demons/Nachts easily bludgeoned the attacking Forkrul to death. According to Sandalath, Nachts were originally created by the Jaghut. Withal noted that these Venath demons - Rind, Mape, and Pule - were just as stupid as when they were in the form of Nachts.[3]

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