Veng was an automaton guardian constructed by the Meckros, famous "mechanicians and artificers" of huge ocean-going 'floating cities'. The automaton was originally built to guard and protect the Meckros city of Ambajenad. Veng was described as being built of - now rusted and corroded - iron and bronze bands and wires, and its arms as ending in toothed and notched rusted iron blades.[1]

In Blood and Bone[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Veng.

Veng's body had been modified by the insertion of a shard of the Crippled God. It was this shard inside Veng which Skinner and his companions, the mages Mara and Petal, had been instructed to retrieve from Ambajenad, the Meckros city wrecked upon a coral reef, to which the Disavowed members of the Crimson Guard were taken by a priest of the Crippled God. Veng, corrupted by the shard, had taken to wearing a flayed human skin over its torso and a rotted human head spiked into its body. Veng had been given a form of 'life' by the Crippled God's shard. The Ambajenad Meckros had retrieved this shard, via deep sea net, from the ocean floor and the 'mechanicians' of the city had then placed it into Veng's body. Skinner and the two mages were ambushed by the corrupted Veng when they boarded the wrecked city. After giving explanations about what it was and how it got that way, Veng viciously attacked Skinner who sustained severe injuries in the fight but still managed to disable Veng. Skinner emerged from the sea carrying the disabled automaton as well as his own helm, but not his sword which he had apparently lost. Mara was subsequently able to magically remove the shard from Veng's body, which resulted in the final 'death' of the metallic creature.[2]

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