Viv, an inhabitant of Malaz Island, was twelve years old, with black hair and very pale skin. She was a serving girl at Mock's Hold in Malaz City.[1]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Viv was being trained by her mistress, Tattersail - the paramour and battle mage of Mock - to be Tattersail's lady-in-waiting. Viv was routinely responsible for tending to the fire, airing out the bedding and seeing that the bed was made and the chamberpot was emptied in the sleeping quarters that Tattersail shared with Mock in the Hold's keep. Viv was also supposed to take care of Tattersail's clothing and to help her to get dressed. Viv could not hide her dislike of Tattersail or her resentment of Tattersail's privileges as well as of being at her mistress' beck and call.[2] Viv was also expected to perform these types of duties for Mock, himself, as well.[3]

The day came, however, when Tattersail, having been absent overnight, returned very early the following morning to find an undressed Viv in her and Mock's rumpled bed. Viv, scared to death, threw herself on Tattersail's mercy, claiming that she had been coerced by Mock. Mock, returning to the bedroom from an adjoining wash chamber, tried to convince Tattersail that Viv's presence in his bed had an innocent explanation, but was unable to further fool the mage. Tattersail indicated that Viv was to leave and she bolted from the room, leaving Tattersail and Mock to their escalating argument.[4]

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