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Vix was an Azathanai. He was described as a huge, iron-skinned man, his left eye sewn shut, with a thin, wispy mustache and long black braids framing his tusked snout.[1]  

In Fall of Light[]

K'rul and Skillen Droe met Vix during their journey to the Vitr. He was on a small boat on a small island, together with fellow Azathanai Cera Planto. Vix claimed to be the creator of the Thelomen Toblakai, Trell and Barghast.[2] 


A conversation between K'rul and Vix about the war between the Thelomen and the Trell. 

Vix: "I am profligate to be sure. As for war, well, of course! Why ever not?"
K'rul: "But you claim the Thelomen as your spawn as well."
Vix: "Just so. They actually share the same God. Me. And yet in my name they unleash hate and venom upon each other. Is that not amusing? Mortals are petty and vicious, unthinking and spiteful, inclined to stupidity and wilfully ignorant. I do so love them."
Vix: "I contemplate a third breed, an admixture of Thelomen, Trell, and Dog-Runner, whom I shall name Barghast. I expect they will war against everyone."
―Vix and K'rul[src]

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