The War of Unification was waged by Hannan Mosag to bring the warring Tiste Edur tribes of northwestern Lether together under his command. The war lasted a dozen years, coming to a conclusion shortly before the start of Midnight Tides.[1] Casualties were relatively light as warfare among the Tiste Edur was strictly bound by rules and prohibitions.[2] But during this period, the Tiste Edur faced hunger and other severe privations as all focus shifted to the war effort.[3] While Tiste Edur warriors fought their fellow tribes, the Letherii Empire moved into the temporarily abandoned Edur territory on the Reach and claimed it for its own.[4]

The Warlock King of the Hiroth tribe maintained his tenuous grip on the new confederation by holding hostage the firstborn sons of the subjugated chiefs as members of his K'risnan Cadre.[3]

During the war, the Merude were the last tribe to capitulate to Hannan Mosag]]. The Merude's combined blooded and soon-to-be-blooded warrior population neared forty thousand, surpassing any of the other tribes. They also possessed more ships, and their chief, Hanradi Khalag, possessed more battle trophies than anyone in generations. The Merude thought their strength should have made them pre-eminent among the Edur. What the Merude did not possess was Hannan Mosag's mastery of Kurald Emurlahn.[3]

By the end of the war, the Merude stood alone against the other tribes and the Tiste Edur tradition of restrained combat threatened to descend into desperate brutality. Hannan Mosag ended the war by secretly entering Hanradi Khalag's longhouse and somehow securing the chief's surrender. Hanradi Khalag's son soon joined Mosag's K'risnan as one of the hostage princes.[5]

Fear Sengar's martial prowess and Binadas Sengar's formidable sorcery were crucial during the campaign. Meanwhile, Theradas Buhn had been unexcelled in leading raids from the sea.[6]

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