The White Plague was a type of flower found on Jacuruku. It grew in thick, shin-high carpets of white blossoms in open pockets of jungle. The flowers exuded a golden pollen that was a swift acting poison, which coated and killed any creature coming into contact with it. Victims of the White Plague quickly sprouted new flowers, providing food for the next generation of plant. Fields of White Plague were littered with bones, sometimes in large enough numbers to create small hilltops. Those with immunity to poisons experienced intense irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat.[1]

In Blood and BoneEdit

As the Thaumaturg Army of Righteous Chastisement made its way into the Jungle of Himatan it came upon a glade blanketed with White Plague flowers. Commander Golan climbed a small hill within the field before nearly being overcome by a coughing fit. He was shocked to discover the ground under the plants was littered with bones, both animal and human. In fact, the entire mound was an immense pile of corpses. Quickly returning to jungle he noticed the body of scout lying in the flowers already sprouting new buds. Golan credited his survival to the Thaumaturg treatments against poison and ordered the field burned.[2]

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