Whiteblade was the sword given by Osserc to the Crimson Guardsman Kyle. It had a curved golden blade with a translucent edge and a bone or ivory grip and pommel.[1][2] The sword could be used with either a one or two-handed grip and shone with an unnatural brightness. It was lighter than an iron sword of the same size and felt warm to the touch.[3] The blade was incredibly sharp, cutting easily through flesh and dismembering opponents. When used on iron, it left clean mirror-bright cuts whose edges were sharp enough to wound the skin.[4] The blade also offered some protection from magic in a radius from the wielder, weakening killing sorceries and inhibiting some effects entirely.[5][6]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Kyle unknowingly served Osserc by carrying the Ascendant within his tulwar Tcharka. When Osserc revealed himself within the presence of Shadowthrone and Dancer, his emergence destroyed the weapon. Osserc gave Kyle one of his own swords in payment for the loss and for Kyle's service.[7]

In StonewielderEdit

Kyle was briefly robbed of Whiteblade by the Delanss criminal Best before the sword was forcibly retrieved by Greymane.[8]

The former Crimson Guardsman then used the sword to great effect as Greymane's Adjunct during the Malazan Expeditionary Force's punitive expedition on Korel. When Marese ships attempted to grapple his transport ship, Kyle used the sword to sever the strong iron chains.[9] The blade was particularly useful counteracting the magical attacks of the priests of The Lady, patron goddess of the Lands of Fist. The sword negated their dessicating magic and largely turned aside their lethal bursts of sorcerous energy.[10][11]

In AssailEdit

By this time Kyle was sometimes called "Whiteblade" in reference to the sword he carried.[12] The being Kyle faced in the desert told him that the sword was an artefact of chaos and Osserc had not been its original owner.[13]

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