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Quon Tali

The Wickan Plains were located in the northeastern part of Quon Tali and were the home of the Wickan people. The plains were bordered to the west by the by Colonnus Sea and to the east by the Falari Sea. The closest city was Baran, to the south.

The Plains were the location of battles against the Malazan Empire during the Wickan Wars.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

After the Bluetongue Plague devastated the population of Seven Cities and halted the harvests that fed the Malazan Empire, the Empire Empire faced starvation.[2] Empress Laseen and her newly risen advisor, Mallick Rel, settled on the Wickans as scapegoats for failures in the Whirlwind rebellion so that the old covenants with the tribes could be set aside and the Empire could seize the Wickan Plains to plant crops and slaughter the herds. An unofficial pogrom led by a crusading army of ten thousand citizens—mostly rabble with veterans among them—would eradicate the "ignorant and backward people" who now held the lands. The Empire's professional armies made no attempt to intervene.[3][4][5][6]

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