The world's oldest Witch of Tennes lived in a shack not much larger than herself which leaned up against the city of Pale's inner wall. Her ancient face was merely skin over bones, her bald head was blotched with moles, and her mouth was toothless. She dressed in tattered robes,[1] rags, and a cloak, and walked with a cane in each hand.[2]

She claimed her gift was breaking curses.[1]

In Memories of IceEdit

After his discovery that the Crippled God had infected the flesh the of Burn, Quick Ben consulted the witch, who called him "many-headed snake" and "twelve-souls". He wished to know the reason why the goddess slept and why her fever had not helped cleanse the poison. The witch's answers were cryptic but she asked the mage to think on them.[1]

After the consultation, Quick Ben thought he might need help and gave her a waterworn pebble. As he left, she said, "When the time comes, Adaephon Delat, call upon me." To which he replied, "I will, mistress." Her final words to him were, "Now shut that door — I prefer the cold!", which struck a chord with Quick Ben.[1]

Much later, after Quick Ben had liberated the Pannion Seer from the Crippled God's clutches, he used the pebble to summon the witch to Burn's Realm. The witch instructed the former Seer to unveil his Omtose Phellack Warren whose cold would slow the infection of Burn's giant servants. She also declared she had been chosen by the Sleeping Goddess to assist the Seer with caring for his newly freed sister. Finally, she warned Quick Ben's companion, the living Imass Bonecaster Kilava Onass, that she was never to reveal the location of the last manifestation of Omtose Phellack. Kilava agreed.[2]

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