Wormlick was a former member of the Toll's City garrison on Stratem. He took his name from the infestation of ringworms that continuously plagued him, especially on his face under his heavy beard.

In The Lees of Laughter's EndEdit

Wormlick was one of the soldiers led by Captain Sater that stole a significant portion of the Toll's City treasury from the ruling Chanters. During their maritime escape, Wormlick's dory capsized and sank below the waves, apparently killing him and his fellow thieves, Sordid and Bisk Flatter, while the others escaped aboard the Suncurl.[1]

In The Wurms of BlearmouthEdit

Wormlick, Sordid, and Bisk appeared in Spendrugle shortly after the Suncurl wrecked on a reef offshore, shocking former allies and fellow plotters Heck Urse and Gust Hubb. Sordid revealed that as their dory sank the three were able to shuck their armor and return to the surface. But by then it was too late, and they watched the Suncurl sail away. Determined to regain their share of the loot, they followed the Suncurl's trail to Spendrugle. Wormlick hoped to use his portion to pay a Denul healer to cure his parasitic affliction.[2] All five of the ex-garrison soldiers fought their way into Wurms Keep past the reanimated corpses of two of the Suncurl's three Brivs.[3] Once inside, they confronted the necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach demanding the return of their money. But Bauchelain informed them that the gold and silver had gone down with the ship.[4] The soldiers returned to town with plans to salvage their treasure from the wreckage of their former vessel.[5]

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