Wrath was the monstrous son of the sorceress, Mist. He resided with her in Mist Keep along with his brother Anger who may have been his twin.[1][2]

He appeared like an enormous Jaghut, nearly two fathoms high. But his enormous jutting tusks were coarser and his brow ridge was thicker than that of a Jaghut. Anger also possessed "massed ropy manes of hair" that hung to his shoulders. He had shovel-like hands and uneven teeth.[3]

The Crimson Guard mage, Gwynn, sensed that the brothers had been "twisted" in the womb.[4]

Wrath fought with a sword.[5]

"One [Anger] wore a long heavy coat of bronze scales that hung to the floor in ragged lengths. He was bearded, his hair a thick nest, his jaw massive with pronounced tusk-like upwards-jutting canines. He carried an immensely wide two-headed axe; this he thumped to the flags before his sandalled feet in a blow that shook the floor. The other [Wrath] stood nearly identical but girt in armour of overlapping iron scales. Thrust through his belt was a greatsword fully as tall as any man, from its tip to its plain hexagonal pommel of bevelled iron."
―Description of the Anger and Wrath brothers[src]

Wrath was capable of tossing boulders as missiles and the brothers enjoyed terrorizing the visitors to their home and could seemingly appear and disappear at will within the magical fog generated by their mother.[6]

In AssailEdit

When the fleet commanded by Cartheron Crust, Tyvar Gendarian, Timmel Orosenn, and Jute Hernan arrived at Mist Keep, Mist demanded they surrender and become her subjects. The foreigners fought their way out of the harbor despite the efforts of Mist, Anger, and Wrath to capture or kill them.[7]

When K'azz D'Avore led the Crimson Guard to Mist Keep, Mist sensed something dangerous about them and demanded they leave immediately. When the Guard hesitated to follow her instructions, she set Anger and Wrath upon them and they drove the Guard away.[8]

The Kerluhm T'lan Imass arrived at Mist Keep on their mission to destroy anyone related to the Jaghut. They killed Anger and then Wrath before dispatching Mist herself.[9]

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