Wreneck was a ten year old stableboy for House Drukorlas in Abara Delack. He was a sour dog-faced boy with greasy hair and an acne covered brow. His duties as stableboy were much reduced after the estate's stable burned to the ground.[1]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Wreneck befriended the young Drukorlas, Orfantal, until their friendship was discovered by Orfantal's grandmother, Nerys Drukorlat. She severed the bond between the two boys threatening to take away Wreneck's job and leave his family to starve. Wreneck begrudgingly followed the orders of the "evil hag", but tears ran down his face after seeing Orfantal off on the caravan to Kharkanas.[2]

When rogue members of Urusander's Legion pillaged the Drukorlas estate, Wreneck was stabbed and beaten before being left for dead in the burning Great House. He managed to pull his beloved maid, Jinia, from the wreckage, but collapsed before he could look for Lady Drukorlat.[3]

In Fall of LightEdit

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