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Yadeth Garath was located on the continent of Seven Cities somewhere north and west of Y'Ghatan in a white-crusted salt marsh near the Kokakal Sea.[1] It had been the first human city back when the marsh had been a modest plateau. Over millennia, the plateau had subsided as water cut through the limestone below and collapsed the vast caves bearing the wall paintings and fossilized bones of Imass.[1]

At its height, Yadeth Garath had been a small and modest walled settlement supporting perhaps twenty families. Homes were arranged in a haphazard manner within solid defensive walls that had no gates. Ingress and egress to the city and homes came via rooftops and single-pole ladders.[1]

Long after the city's demise, during the time of the First Empire, fisherfolk had come to dwell upon the city's waterbound ruins, building squalid huts on stilts over its remains and raising wooden pathways across the swamp's natural canals. They plied the water for fish in hide boats. The fisherfolk were not descendants of the city's original inhabitants and had no idea what lay under their feet. It was at this time that the T'rolbarahl, Dejim Nebrahl, hunted them for food.[1]

Nothing remained of the fishing village at the time of the Malazan Empire but "salt-rotted rubble, swallowed in silts, buried deep and unseen beneath [a] marsh".[1]

To the south of the marsh was a crumbling track which was all that remained of the once level road that led to nearby Minikenar, another extinct city.[1] Other extinct cities in the region included Kanarbar Belid and Vithan Taur.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Fevered and starved, Dejim Nebrahl journeyed to the site of Yadeth Garath. After being driven away from a slave caravan by Iskaral Pust, the T'rolbarahl had been unable to find food in the plague-ridden region. He travelled to his old hunting grounds at Yadeth Garath hoping to find human prey. Disappointed to find he had been too thorough in previous slaughters, he soon caught the scent of Masan Gilani traveling on horseback along the Minikenar road and set off in pursuit.[1]

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