Yan Tovis, whose name meant Twilight, was an Atri-Preda in the Letherii Army at Fent Reach.[2] Some considered her the best commander of the Letherii armies since Preda Unnutal Hebaz.[3]

Her eyes were the colour of weathered granite.[4]

In Midnight TidesEdit

When war broke out between the Kingdom of Lether and the Tiste Edur, three Edur fleets made for the Reach peninsula. One quickly took the abandoned First Maiden Fort to the west of Fent Reach. Twilight observed a second fleet of three hundred thousand Edur preparing to land at North Coast Tower. With news of a third fleet cutting off escape to Trate in the south, Twilight surrendered her city.[5]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Yan Tovis was attached to the Third Edur Imperial Fleet under Preda Tomad Sengar[6] with Varat Taun as her second.[7] For more than six months they harried the coast of northern Seven Cities murdering its inhabitants and seeking out champions to face Emperor Rhulad Sengar in mortal combat.[8] The fleet also "liberated" slaves of mixed-Edur descent from Sepik, although liberation meant exchanging their Seven Cities masters for full-blooded Edur.[6] The entire human populations of Sepik and neighbouring Monkan were sadistically tortured and murdered.[9]

During the voyage, Yan Tovis learned enough of the local language to communicate with the region's inhabitants.[6] She served as liaison to the champion, Icarium, and his companion, Taralack Veed. She brought the Gral a drink to cure his seasickness and informed the pair that the Preda required a test of Icarium's ability as the distressed and miserable Jhag's prowess did not seem to match the Gral's claims. If Icarium did not pass the test, both would be thrown to the sharks. Icarium sensed that the Atri-Preda's soul was dying from within.[6]

After the Edur fleet failed to destroy the Malazan Imperial Fleet transporting Adjunct Tavore Paran' 14th Army through the Kokakal Sea, Taralack Veed asked her why Tomad Sengar appeared so stricken. She revealed that the Preda had spotted the Silanda among the Malazan ships. The ship had been a gift to one of his sons, and he believed its capture meant two of his sons were dead. She introduced Veed to Ahlrada Ahn and the Gral noticed the two seemed to share sone secret between them.[10]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Twilight and the Watch by Corporal Nobbs

Twilight and the Watch by Corporal Nobbs

After the Edur invasion, she deserted and rejoined her people, the Shake. She was told that her mother had died which meant she had inherited the title of Queen to the Shake. She was re-united with her brother Yedan Derryg (The Watch).

Yan Tovis travelled with her people to the Isle of Second Maiden Fort. Their ferry got into trouble near Third Maiden Fort and they were rescued by two Perish Thrones of War who safely conveyed them to their destination. Yan Tovis claimed her right as Queen of the Last Blood, replacing Shake Brullyg.

According to Deadsmell, her name was rooted in the language of her Shake and Tiste Andii ancestry. The name "Yan Tovis" was a degeneration of the original words "Yenander" in the Tiste Andii language, which meant "Twilight", and "Antovis" which meant "night" or "dark". Without her knowledge, this made her own name her title.[11]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Yan Tovis led the Shake and inhabitants of Second Maiden Fort out of Lether on the Road to Gallan, back to Kharkanas.

In The Crippled GodEdit

The sea does not dream of you by dejan delic

Yan Tovis and Yedan Derryg by Dejan Delic

Sandalath Drukorlat tried to persuade Yan Tovis to take on the role of Queen of Kharkanas however, Yan Tovis refused, stating that the realm of the Shake was and is the Shore,[12] thus jeopardizing the budding friendship between them.[13]

Yan Tovis felt compelled on all sides to kneel to the Shore but put off to doing so.[14]

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